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The launch of Arch Publishing Services

Adrian and I have been very busy behind the scenes recently. We don't just spent our free time playing tennis, throwing darts and learning guitar (although we do a fair amount of that). Alongside managing our independent publishing company, Hobeck Books, we have been busy putting the building blocks in place for the new arm of our working lives - Arch Publishing Services, and we are finally ready to officially launch.

Truth is, we have been offering publishing services for a long time already. In my case, for twenty years. We decided that it was about time we put some formal structure around the editorial consulting work we have been doing and also offer it to a wider clientele to include the growing number of independent authors out there, in both fiction and non-fiction.

The name Arch came to us quite naturally. A and R might seem more obvious than H and C given our first names. But now do you see it? Once we are married it might not work so well... Arch seemed such an appropriate word, funny how things work out like that. The arch is made up of the stepping stones we offer writers from idea to book. We want to help people who actively choose to publish themselves to realise their dream of becoming a published author. We can work with businesses or individuals - fiction or nonfiction. I was actually a nonfiction editor and publisher for many years before we started Hobeck.

Our first major project as Arch Publishing Services is publishing in March - Transformational Selling (and how splendid it looks in the image below). I confess that earlier this week, seeing photos of the printed book made me feel quite giddy and proud. Adrian is narrating the audio book which will be ready soon too. We did good. This book was the dream of two business men who wanted to spread their methodology to the world of sales but had little time to faff around with KDP and printers. We turned their dream into a reality and we are confident it will do very well.

The first of many giddy and proud moments for both of us I am sure.

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