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Example of recent project

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Services provided:
  • Structural and copy editing
  • Typesetting
  • Cover design
  • Consultation
  • Book trailer creation
  • Ebook and paperback distribution
  • Audiobook narration and distribution

Jamie Veitch, co-author of Vitalizing Purpose

"Rebecca's expertise, thoughtful suggestions and attention to detail have enhanced my manuscript. I couldn't be happier about my experience working with Rebecca. She is thorough, efficient, effective, and a real pleasure to work with."

Beverley Harvey, author of Eden Unbound

"After traditionally publishing four novels, I wrote my fifth with the intention of self-publishing but with the safety net of professional support and expertise. Happily I came across Arch Publishing, sister company to the brilliant Hobeck Books whom I follow on Twitter. Rebecca and the team set about turning my manuscript into a viable book, first with excellent typesetting and later by walking me through the somewhat complex Amazon dashboard. Fast, friendly and responsive is how I’d sum up my experience of Arch and I highly recommend them."

Bryn Thompson and Steve Lowndes, authors of Transformational Selling

“We had several quotes to do an Editorial Assessment of our Transformational Selling book, Rebecca was not the cheapest one we received (we had our suspicions about a couple that were very cheap!), however she offered to do a sample edit and this was extremely thorough and professional, and we couldn’t disagree with any of the changes she recommended, so we decided to hire her services.”
“This proved to be an excellent decision as her skill and advice on the whole book proved invaluable, whilst also making us appreciate that we had a lot more to learn that we thought when we saw the final edited version!  In fact, we were so impressed that we engaged her to do a much bigger project which was essentially to get our book to market, including dealing with all the publishing and distribution issues which would have taken us an age to figure out, but which Rebecca took in her stride knowing the industry as well as she does.”
“For what we ultimately paid against the work she did for us proved to be excellent value: not only did she do a great job, she removed the stress and hassle for us first time authors, allowing us to get on with our day job whilst she quietly and diligently go on with the job or getting our book in the best possible shape and then into print.  We can’t recommend her services highly enough.”

Independent author of Life After Oil

“Rebecca's work was very professional and thorough. It was definitely a pleasure working with her, and I would be happy to work with her again.”

Hobeck Books author

“The nurturing ethos particularly appeals to me as a debut author.”

E. Smith, student

“Rebecca was amazing to work with and really helped with my project. She was very professional.”
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