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We offer a number of services which you can pick and choose from as suits your circumstances. You may just need help with development or structural editing, or perhaps your book has already been edited and you would like help with cover design or typesetting. Maybe your book is ready to publish but you'd like a book trailer and social media marketing assets. We also help with blurb writing and marketing copywriting. ​

Once your book is ready to publish perhaps you need help getting it to market. We offer a consultation service on all aspects of publishing a book - from ISBN purchasing, KDP dashboard management, printing and digital marketing.​ We want to help you get your book to market. 

We can create a package to suit your individual needs. After all, there is no one-size-fits-all in publishing.



As a publishing company we typeset all our own books and have the means to typeset both fiction and nonfiction texts. We also offer ebook, audiobook and paperback cover design (or we can help you find a suitable freelance designer if we feel that is a better option for you).

Rebecca is also an experienced structural editor and copyeditor of fiction and nonfiction, so if you just need an editor for your book, we can do that too.



Adrian has been narrating audiobooks for over five years now, some on a commissioned basis and some for our book publishing company. He works on both fiction and nonfiction. We can also employ the services of a female narrator who has been narrating audio books for over two years. Adrian can also offer voice over services for trailer videos or audio marketing assets. We have a full working studio at our base in Staffordshire.



With three years of book publishing experience plus a masters level qualification in art and design, which included video, Rebecca can create bespoke video trailers and still image marketing assets for all aspects of digital marketing. An example of a company trailer video can be found here.

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