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Helping you to achieve your publishing goals

The world of book publishing can be confusing for those not acquainted with the business. They say that anyone can publish a book now, but without any experience of how to go about it, the prospect can be daunting.


Arch Publishing Services is the sister company to Hobeck Books, a UK independent publisher of crime, thrillers, suspense and mystery. Our main aim at Arch Publishing Services is to use the skills we adopt at Hobeck in the world of traditional publishing and demystify the publishing process for independent authors who choose not to publish with a traditional publisher. There are many good reasons to publish yourself. We aim to share our insights and expertise to help you, as an independent author, create the best product you can for your readers.


To start with, we’ll discuss your goals for your writing career and for your specific project or projects. We offer help with a number of services in your journey to becoming a published author, from structural editing, copyediting, typesetting, cover design, book trailer creation, marketing asset creation and advice on how to go about publishing your book as paperback, ebook and audiobook.


After assessing your work, we will provide honest, constructive feedback and together we can create a detailed plan to help you achieve your goals.

Contact us now and let's work together to make your publishing project a success.

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